Reggies Duck & Wild Boar 80/10/10 500G


Duck Cuts with bone, Wild Boar meat, Heart, Lung and Liver.
80% Meat 10% Bone 10% Offal.

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With more than an impressive 100 years’ experience in the meat industry, from starting out as a local butcher to powering tails from their home in Wales, Reggie’s delivers wholesome, natural and delicious raw dog food. With the belief that dogs need good food to reach and maintain optimal health and well-being, Reggie’s is on a mission to simplify raw feeding and deliver affordable products that nurture dogs.

Sourced from Welsh producers, Reggie’s is made with a blend of hand selected cuts of meat, bone and offal, passed through a 12MM mincing plate, and has a moist, meaty consistency.

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